The Hidden Cost of an Aging IT Infrastructure.

With the proliferation of virtualization & cloud services, businesses now have access to IT solutions previously only afforded to Fortune 500 budgets & staff. Businesses are benefiting from the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model to quickly deploy & develop IT solutions, while capping & managing IT costs.

All these solutions and technologies can be overwhelming to some SMB owners, whom often times decide to continue using their aging, but working, IT solutions/infrastructure. Old systems typically require more maintenance/upkeep and critical hardware should be refreshed every 3 – 5 years to ensure business continuity. Unfortunately, most businesses don't realize the hidden costs of relying on these antiquated systems until it's often times too late and they are forced to deal with downtime. Downtime that typically occurs at the worst possible moment and affects their businesses bottom line.

In a best case scenario, good backup practices exist and services can be restored within 24 hours with minimal data loss depending on hardware availability. In this scenario, there will typically be a large cost attributed to the time and manpower required to bring services back online, repair existing hardware or purchase new hardware, and a profit loss attributed to having to stop business until systems are back online. This is the best case scenario and it's still enough to put a noticeable ding in most businesses balance sheets.

In a worst case scenario, good backups don't exist, your find yourself in an exorbitantly expensive data recovery scenario, and your business grinds to a halt for days, maybe even weeks or months. The fact is, most businesses that do not have backups or a business continuity plan in place, never recover from such a catastrophic failure and are forced to shut down.

Business Continuity plans used to be cost prohibitive for the SMB market and so they would rely on their standard backups. This is no longer a reality and many savvy businesses are moving their critical infrastructure to the cloud to avoid the aforementioned scenarios. Some businesses are taking advantage of Hybrid Cloud deployments, leveraging their existing onsite infrastructure with a connected cloud solution; something previously only accomplished by hosting servers at a costly datacenter, colocation, or remote office.

Every business has different needs and budget requirements. Cloud solutions may work for some businesses where as some may need to have onsite infrastructure. We here at Vanguard recognize this and will work with you to design customized solutions to help your business avoid the aforementioned costly scenarios and mitigate potential downtime.

We create secure business focused solutions for our clients every day and strengthen our offerings by partnering with companies/services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Rackspace and more.

Don't become a statistic by not realizing the hidden cost of aging infrastructure before it's too late.

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