MANHATTAN, NEW YORK (January 15th, 2016) GoVanguard LLC., a trusted provider of networking, devops and cloud solutions, announced a partnership with leading Software Defined Networking technologies provider Pica8, as part of its broader initiative to provide SDN technologies to enterprise organizations.

“It’s no news that Internet Service Providers and Cloud Providers have been adopting SDN and NFV architectures over that past few years to capitalize on the benefits of increased programmability, traffic visibility and virtualized network functions; but largely enterprise organizations have been hesitant to adopt a SDN strategy. We see a lot a value leveraging SDN in the enterprise and we are set on cutting through all the marketing buzzwords that has largely been a contributor to the relatively poor adoption.” said Christian Scott, Professional Services Manager at GoVanguard, in his opening statement.

The partnership between GoVanguard and Pica8 is currently classified “Reseller” although GoVanguard made their intentions clear that they go beyond just that. “We are not in the game of just pushing hardware, really the spirt of our organization focuses on providing solutions for our customers through the expertise of our professional services with integrations and training or our managed services.” continued Christian.

The addition of Pica8 in the GoVanguard technology partner ecosystem lends itself as a keystone to their core intivatives for networking; programmable networks with DevOPs, network function virtualization for server Hyper-convergence and increased network control and visibility for Security Threat Management. “”We are proud to participate in the success of driving open networking through our contributions to the FOSS community and we believe we will be able to deliver a more flexible and cost effective network solutions that will help customers embrace the full agility of the Software Defined Enterprise.” Christian concluded.