MANHATTAN, NEW YORK (April 30th, 2016) GoVanguard LLC., a trusted provider of networking, devops and cloud solutions, announced a partnership with Zenoss Inc., a leading provider of unified monitoring solutions, as part of its initiative to provide extensible, scalable and reliable monitoring and analytics.

“I have been working with Zenoss for almost ten years now and several of our team members have been also working with the platform for three to five years. So, in my mind the choice to become official Zenoss Inc. partners was the next logical step in our progression,” said Shane Scott, Chief Technology Officer at GoVanguard, in his opening statement.

Over the years, Shane's prolific experience and community pedigree have resulted in the development of several award-winning open source Zenpacks and earned him the Zenoss Community prestigious title of ZenMaster.

“Our partnership with Zenoss Inc. supports two major objectives for us. One; we want to provide our customers with monitoring solutions that best suit their business needs and I believe Zenoss Service Dynamics will help create greater positive customer experiences. Two; we want to help foster awareness of the open source project and inspire the next generation of Zenoss community members to collaborate, innovate and create content that will ultimately benefit the upstream codebase.” continued Shane.

The addition of Zenoss Inc. in the GoVanguard technology partner ecosystem lends itself as a keystone to their core initiatives.“We are really excited to be officially working with Zenoss Inc. and deliver high fidelity monitoring for dynamic, hybrid and cloud environments.” Shane concluded.