Disaster Recovery 101

As the old adage goes ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail', if you take this adage and apply it to IT systems you get disaster recovery (DR). Disaster recovery is all about planning your IT strategy around the fact that hardware has a finite lifespan, natural weather disasters happen, applications will have bugs and human's will make mistakes…

Zenoss Inc. Awards Shane Scott, CTO of GoVanguard, Title of ZenMaster at GalaxZ16!

AUSTIN, TEXAS (May 12th, 2016) Zenoss Inc., the leader in unified IT monitoring and analytics solutions, announced the winners of the Z Awards at its annual conference, GalaxZ 16 held in Austin, Texas.
This year at GalaxZ, Shane Scott, Chief Technology Officer at GoVanguard was bestowed the prestigious title of ZenMaster by Zenoss Inc. for his years of expertise and commitment to the Zenoss Community.